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TOPIC: tomorrow

Re:tomorrow 14 years 7 months ago #2962

Billy, price has moved up here some,I hope you get the best price out there..we didn't get the right kind of weather to extend the season like some years...it went quick up here...5 i'v whacked a couple nothing big yet .just camp meat..seen a couple of bruisers.they didn't get close enough to offer up a good shot..

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Re:tomorrow 14 years 7 months ago #2970

Chief, I've only been out once. Got a nice doe in the freezer to show for it though.Been pretty busy, but pretty well caught up now. Just waiting for the rain to let up a little. Kinda figures, no rain all summer and now no sun. We've really needed it though. I'm ready for it. Saw a few really nice ones while sangin.

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Re:tomorrow 14 years 7 months ago #2975

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Chieftain / 5prong

O Caleb killed a a cull buck out of the herd this past Saturday during youth hunt we had some tenderloin the next day and had all the rest of the deer/except the back straps cut up into jerky strips their in the freezer for 30 days then the ole dehydrator will kick into high gear we love that deer jerky all the kids love it...i do to lol.

Chieftain the dealers are still at $390 a pound,but I have alot of big root this year and have been offered a good bit more for the lot $450 per pound I will sell it to him for that when the rest drys I do think I will fall a little short of the prospect for this season maybe a pound,but that depends on if the seng stands past this weeks rain untill next week,if it does my brother will take care of bussiness and I will be on the goal,havent got to seng much for so mush rain the past 2 weeks....however I will be around 9 pounds regardless...will post a pic later with the total cheers,


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Re:tomorrow 14 years 7 months ago #3017

Billy / Chief

Got back out to the woods (deer hunting) today. saw several including a little spike buck out of that stand that I hung by the best patch of sang I found this year. He was only about 20 yards from the stand. It was nice sitting there remembering all that nice size root I dug just up the hill from there. Sure was a lot diferent now with temps in the high 30's compared to the low 80's, and over half the leaves off the trees. I also found a small hen on the way in to the stand. It is the only one I've seen this year. Went out looking 2-3 weeks ago, but couldn't find any. I think maybe they're a little late this year because of how dry it was this summer/ early fall. Who knows? If I can find time this next week maybe I'll spend a few hours lookin for them again

Billy, my kids love that deer jerky too! They can eat it faster than I can make it. LOL

Good luck to both of you in the deer stands!

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Re:tomorrow 14 years 7 months ago #3039

sounded like a great hunt, 5

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