2024 Summer/Fall Planting:

* Ginseng Seed: Accepting orders for pre-set shipping dates
* Ginseng Rootlets: Pre-orders accepted for fall shipment in October

• No license is required to harvest wild ginseng on private land in West Virginia, though written permission must be obtained to dig ginseng on private property in the state.

• Ginseng dealers in the state must register with the West Virginia Division of Forestry to obtain a permit.

• The harvest season for wild ginseng in West Virginia is from September 1 to November 30.

Ginseng harvested during this season must be sold to a registered dealer by March 31 or “weight receipted” to hold over to the next season.

• Under West Virginia law, all harvested ginseng plants must have at least 3 prongs and 15 leaflets, and the berries must be red in color.

• Ginseng diggers in West Virginia are required to replant the seeds of harvested wild ginseng where the plants are harvested.

• Ginseng may not be harvested on state owned lands in West Virginia.

• The West Virginia Division of Forestry, serves as the state’s ginseng coordinator, and can be reached at (304) 558-2788 or at:

1900 Kanawha Blvd., East

Charleston, WV 25305-0180

• A permit is required to collect ginseng in Monongahela National Forest. Contact the Forest’s office at (304) 636-1800 or via mail:

200 Sycamore Street

Elkins, WV 26241


Provided by the American Herbal Products Association, in cooperation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and United Plant Savers

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