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Always comply with your State Ginseng Rules and Regulations when selling and buying wild ginseng roots.
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TOPIC: Indiana Prices

Re:Indiana Prices 11 years 4 months ago #15199

CreepOnTheSteep wrote:

That sounds right. I read a story online in a local newspaper about it. Either buying dry way early or out of season. Anyway Phillip Fulton is who we have always sold to in the recent few years in Btown.
Finding good roots around here is a real walk sometimes and I tend to be a lot more patient about how much and who I sell it too. Big roots tend to be rare birds around my area.

I know what you mean. In some areas, guys can make a pound with 250-300 roots. Where I live, it seems like it takes closer to 400 to get a pound of dry roots.

Sadly, I had to sell a couple of pounds of ginseng to Duncan yesterday. The tires on my truck were getting pretty bad, and I HAD to put new ones on before something bad happened. Because I've dealt with Duncan for years, and becasue I have quality roots, I did slightly better than $400/lb.

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Re:Indiana Prices 11 years 4 months ago #15628

Jacquo, did you live in Northern Indiana several years ago?

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