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TOPIC: My 2017 season so far

My 2017 season so far 4 years 3 months ago #40782

wow,tough break hobler, do you know if the land owner was happy to also make a good amount from being compensated for the timber taken off his property ? like being paid double what the trees would have been worth

Hobler666shang wrote: Very nice trapper. I have a spot a land owner let me in to see if there was shang my partner and I found a ton in there on a nice knob the land owner was happy too made a good amount to let two guys go in and dig it told us it was ours to manage n just give him a cut. His neighbor had his land logged the loggers over stepped the property lines and took everything on that knob and on the flat left nothing not even a sapling. This was 5 yrs ago we have a couple small beds in the surrounding areas but not as good as the one spot now it's sold black berries tried last yr to go in them but turned around quickly due to loss of blood lol. I don't know if I will be able to dig it again in my time.

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My 2017 season so far 4 years 3 months ago #40783

Westernpa he made out very good from what I understand but he's retired n can't get around very good. I think he would have shot the loggers if he had the chance. That section of woods had not been cut in 50 yrs he was saving it for his kids. Also we were going to plant that whole knob with all the seed we could fit on it. I'm sure there's alot left there. Only got in there once to dig it. Should be plenty there for his grandchildren to dig if that generation can learn there's more to life than cellphones n games.

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