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TOPIC: Check this root out pics now attached

Re:Check this root out 9 years 10 months ago #27249

The northern PA seng around here (whenever I find any) doesn't look like a lot of pics on the site here. It is definitely different looking than the TN, KY, GA seng.

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Re:Check this root out pics now attached 9 years 8 months ago #27640

Awe...Some Roots, I imagine that many a Native American walked past the plant when they hunted the lands ! As was said earlier, it needs to be well preserved as a whole plant. (as I hope it was) Many Oriental friends would bid for a chance to own this and display it,as its owner. Much respect for this \"Divine Root\", and the hunters that found these ... Great Spirit to be in its company
I have to share , after having just finished the book by David A Taylor

\"Ginseng, the Divine Root\"
..a must read...in his introduction he quotes

\" The Cherokee speak of the plant as as a sentient being...
able to make itself invisible to those unworthy to gather it\"

--- William Bartram, naturalist, Philadelphia 1791

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Re:Check this root out pics now attached 9 years 2 months ago #30721

wildfrontier6593 wrote:

maya wrote:

That's got to biggest root we've seen posted here!

and if anyone ever notices, when someone finds a bigger or better root than billy taylor can find or BUY he just CAN NOT BRING HIMSELF to leave a nice compliment. but he loves the attention when someone comments on his common root. billy proverbs and psalms discuss how it is wrong to be jealous and envious of others. sure do mention the lord enough,think you would know better...GOD BLESS YOU MR. BILLY TAYLOR for the lord is with thee brother...smile and do not hate:) it shows much class to leave people a nice comment when they find a once in a lifetime root;)

Wow, what do you say about a post like this. Please do not bring me into your personal problems!

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