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by wildgrown.com userid: Hunter

With the beautiful weather today I couldn't stand sleeping threw it so I postponed sleep (I work and I use the term loosely..nights) and went sang'n. I stopped at the land owners house and spoke with him and his wife and before I left she told me to watch for her bears. I've never saw any sign of bears at this spot but, they do live WAY back in the sticks so I was optimistic. I started heading to my favorite spot when I spotted my first sang. While I was digging I spotted more, then more and more. I couldn't believe it. Sang was everywhere and I'd been walking past it for weeks now. I found it under fir trees, in ivy patchs, just everywhere. The ivy had died down and let the sang poke threw. There was nothing huge just nice 3 prongs. I had filled one quart baggy and stuffed it in my pack. I desided since I was coming back I would leave my pack and just take another baggy. I dug plants for what seemed like 100 yards when I found the the grandparent patch. 4 HUGE 3 prongs and 1 even bigger 4 prong. I sat in to digging. I had 2 of the 3 prongs out when I heard a sound. If you've ever been around bears you know the sound. I can't describe it other than to say it sounds kind of like "oouuhh". I turned around and saw 3, 50-75 lb cubs standing over my pack. Momma made the sound as I guess she smelled human scent and wanted them back. She had just topped over the hill. I sat on my rear just admiring the scene for a second when one of the cubs grabbed my pack and took off with the other two towards momma. I jumped up and started running down the hill yelling "Hey...get back here with that!!" I went over the hill (still yelling) and they were about to cross the other ridge when they stopped. I stopped and yelled and when I did the cub with my pack hopped up and down, just like a dog and slung my pack back and forth. Exactly like an excited dog with something he's fixing to destroy. While he was doing this my water bottle went flying along with my bag of sunflower seeds and peanuts. My camera and map were safely zipped up in another pocket. I screamed out and he let go of the pack, slinging it down the hill. I walked over picked up my pack expecting the worst but, my $75 pack wasn't even torn. I walked down the ridge and got my food and water and then thought crap... where's my sang. It had come out. A clear shiny baggy should be easy to find... nah. I searched for 30 minutes before I finally found it. I then had to walk back up the ridge to my digging spade and other sang but, unearthing that super sweet 4 pronger made me smile. On the way out I told the owners what had happened and they both just died laughing saying that they wished they could have seen it. They also asked me why I didn't take a picture of the bears.. I said because my dang camera was running faster than I could. After I gave them a healthy portion of my sang (they grind it up and put it in coffee) I ended up with just over

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