2024 Summer/Fall Planting:

* Ginseng Seed: Accepting orders for pre-set shipping dates
* Ginseng Rootlets: Pre-orders accepted for fall shipment in October

1. Store ginseng rootlets in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator. Unseal the bag occasionally to allow fresh air inside. Ad a few drops of water if the soil begins to dry out.

2. Plant in rich, loamy soil with good drainage. The best area is on a hillside in the woods where the plants are shaded from direct sunlight. Ginseng likes rowing in the cool woods with 70% to 80% shading.

3. If planting in a garden, provide a slatted shade cover with an opening facing eastward to protect the ginseng from all but a little morning sun. The slats should run perpendicular to the path of the sun.

4. Plant the rootlets in the ground at least six inches apart in a “V” shaped hole (or trench).

5. Lay each rootlet down with the growth bud pointing upwards, positioning it so it will be about 1/4 to 1/2 inches below the soil surface.

6. Backfill with dirt and cover over the area with 2 to 4 inches of leaf litter. Tulip poplar or maple leaves are desirable. Straw is also commonly used.

7. Mark the area with stakes so you’ll know where to look for the plants next spring.

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