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Most business opportunities are well suited to only a very small percentage of people who have specific skills, knowledge or personal traits. The reality is that most business opportunities are simply good opportunities that may or may not go broke. Growing wild ginseng is different.

Ginseng Market
China is a vital component to ginseng business. Over 90% of ginseng harvested goes to China. The market has always been Chinese and always will be. China's $2.5 trillion economy is the second largest and fastest growing economy in the world. With a growing economy, more people can afford high luxury herbs such as ginseng. This means more demand for ginseng growing businesses, especially as the currency value increases, we can sell ginseng at higher prices.

Final Profits
The current price at $400 or more per pound is extremely valuable. It will cost about $1500 per acre to plant ginseng, and after 10 years, you will harvest over $100,000 worth of ginseng per acre. It is inflation proof, which means it is not affected by US economy or subject to the Federal interest rate.

Less Work
As the term indicates, wild simulated ginseng is grown in its natural habitat. The only major work involved is in planting and harvesting. Growing ginseng is deceptively simple. Planting is a lot of work, but you only have to do it once. Harvesting also is a lot of work but you can hire a large crew at a fairly low cost. The rest, monitoring and care, is easy and does not take much time.

You would not expect a lump sum of major profits until you harvest the roots. But you can harvest the ginseng seeds when they are 5 years or older. Ginseng seeds are also so valuable that it can be sold for a good price. Average price over $90 per pound, you can harvest about 60-100 pounds per acre to sell every year. It is not a lot of money but if you have over 10 acres of ginseng growing, it will be a substantial amount of income that you will generate every year until harvesting the roots.

Without any special skills required and a low startup costs, just about anyone can get started in this business venture. There is very little competition for growing wild (simulated) ginseng because not many people know about it in the United States. East of the Mississippi River, in the United States has the suitable climate, soil, and geographic location for growing ginseng. East Asia, especially China and Korea, also has good climate, soil conditions, but most of their wild ginseng are wiped out because everyone in these countries knows how valuable this herb is, many people are hunting wild ginseng vigorously as their job. And also you donĄŊt see the production of wild ginseng being taken over by large corporations because of the cost of securing it and the length of time required to show profitability.

The demand is increasing and the supply is decreasing, which means growing ginseng can be an extremely high profitable business.

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