2021 Summer/Fall Planting:

* Ginseng Seed: Pre-orders are now being accepted
* Ginseng Rootlets: Pre-orders will be accepted starting May, 1st for fall shipment

Asia, notably China, is a major buyer of the world’s ginseng supply.  Now that China  is self-sufficient in field-cultivated ginseng farming, Chinese ginseng growers are exporting ginseng to other countries like the United States.  The Chinese do not possess the ability to produce wild ginseng, mostly due to deciduous forests being cut down for firewood.  It would be hard to compete with Chinese ginseng farmers for low-grade ginseng.  As a wild-simulated ginseng farmer, it seems more worthwhile to invest your time, money and effort in growing high quality wild-simulated ginseng.

When exporting your wild-simulated ginseng, pay close attention during shipment to protect the “hands” of your ginseng root. The “hand” is a complete, unbroken ginseng root where its branches look like human body parts.  Check with your state’s regulations and programs when exporting your ginseng.

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