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What is ginseng?

Ginseng is an Oriental herb classified under the genus of five or six species of slow-growing perennial plants. It has fleshy roots and belongs to the Araliaceae family of plants.

Ginseng is often characterized by its medicinal properties. Through the use of technology, ginseng has been made available in herbal medicine shops and is used for treating diseases.

Are there different kinds of ginseng?

There are different kinds of ginseng that cure certain medical problems. Some of the ginsengs have anti-cancer effects in the body. The most common kinds are Chinese ginseng, Korean ginseng, Tropical Snowflake ginseng, Aralia, Schefflera, and many more. Each of these has individual features and different healing effects.

What is Panax ginseng?

Panax ginseng is sometimes called Korean ginseng. This refers to a deciduous perennial shrub with roots that are cultivated for 4-6 years in order to reach the age of maturity.

Panax is the most popular form of ginseng. This is commonly used as an anti-aging herb by most of the Chinese and Korean peoples. This is a popular herb today because it has fewer side effects and no toxic effects.

What is wild ginseng?

Wild ginseng is a ginseng that is not planted or cultivated domestically. It can be found almost anywhere because it grows naturally. However, the availability of wild ginseng is decreasing because it is already becoming endangered.

How much does ginseng cost?

Prices of ginseng products vary. It will depend on the kind of ginseng recommended for you by the pharmacist. Types of ginseng range from 10 to 100 dollars or more.

There are also ginseng roots that are sold for low prices but the highest grade will reach as high as $10,000 per root. Besides demand, the manner of cultivation also affects the price of ginseng.

How should I take ginseng: in capsules? in tea? just chew it?

You can take ginseng in capsules an hour prior to bedtime. You can also prepare it as tea. However, you should never take all the forms like tablets, teas and tinctures at the same time. This will cause an overdose of ginseng.

Is one form of ginseng more effective than another?

Standardized extracts and solid forms of ginseng have been proven more effective than others. They also provide more reliable effects than the other formulations.

Should I take ginseng with food?

The use or intake of ginseng sometimes differs from culture to culture. At present there are no specific restrictions in terms of food, beverages or any activity while a person is taking ginseng, but this should be directed by your health care provider.

How should ginseng be stored?

Most ginseng will have storage directions on the package. In general, ginseng should be protected from too much light and moisture to preserve its effect, so store in a dark, dry place.

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