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TOPIC: Native seed Ky, TN, Va?

Native seed Ky, TN, Va? 10 years 7 months ago #6168

Seems to be plenty of Wisconsin seed available, and I have read where it is the better idea to plant seed that comes as close to your home area as possible. Can anyone reccomend me a seller of Ginseng seed close to Southeast KY?

Have any you guys in our area planted the Wisconsin seed and had success?

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Re:Native seed Ky, TN, Va? 10 years 7 months ago #6184


I did a web search on \"ginseng seed and kentucky\" and found the article below:


It list several sources in Ky and Tn but you better check with them on where they get the seed/roots they are selling.

I think a lot of sites that sell seeds and rootlets are getting them from Wisconsin and reselling them.

I am not sure that you can actually get seed from wild or even wild-simulated seng - at best you might be able to get some from woods grown/cultivated sites and still they plant the seng seed very thick (like 100 lbs per acre) and have to spray to control diseases. So not sure how that could be much better than artificial shade grown/cultivated seed.

One thing that I am starting this year to eliminate the seed quality issue is starting my own seed producing bed. You can read about it here in this same \"Growing Seng\" forum group.

If the one I started this year does well I may add a couple more next year. It was a lot of work, but I hope will be well worth it in the end. Heck (not even counting the seed production) I will get a big kick out of just having a nice big patch of seng to look at when ever I want :-)

Good Luck !


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