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TOPIC: planting kohosh

planting kohosh 15 years 7 months ago #616

Has any one tried to plant kohosh, can you buy seeds for that purpose? I would like to try different spots but do not want to invest in ginseng seeds @ 15 dollars an ounce. If you put enough seeds down to get a good idea you can have a lot of money in something that might not grow.There might not be any other way, but if there is maybe someone has tried it..Thanks for the help.

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Re:planting kohosh 15 years 7 months ago #627

You can do a search on the web for a source. I even see there are some on ebay (50 for under $10 including shipping). I think that will come out to alot more per ounce then the sang seed.
I prefer to plant the sang seed directly myself. A pound of seed would run about $50 to $65 but, there are a lot of seed in a pound(5-8k/per pound). Especially if you are just planting a few here and there to see how it comes up.

If you try the cohosh planting though, please keep us informed how well the tactic works as there may be more who would want to go that way. Cohosh is pricey because some people use it as a ornamental plant along borders and such. If you have enough of it growing, you may be able to supply some landscapers and such for an extra source of income.

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