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TOPIC: oh no! root rot!

oh no! root rot! 13 years 8 months ago #4327

What Now?

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Re:oh no! root rot! 13 years 8 months ago #4328

We've been getting a thunderstorm or rain showers every three or four days. Just when things seem to be drying out, the humidity goes up and the rain soon pours down. Some real good gully washers too, flooding culverts and closings roads.

I suspect that first rootlet that withered and died was rot too, and my previous post, yellowing leaves, is probably not sunburn. shit, shit, shit... These plants are all in the same seed production bed!

I did not do any pre-emergence prevention, like spraying fungicide, hoping to establish as natural a bed as I could. Do I dig up the remaing roots and start over? Can I salvage anything? Is this a painful, and expensive, learning experience?!!!

My plants are not crowded (12\" spacing)and drainage is good, but the bed could be on more of a slope. I'll raise and crown future beds. I used a mycorrizal root dip, but can't discern any benefits. Some of the best plants have red berries and I've started harvesting them.

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Re:oh no! root rot! 13 years 8 months ago #4333

Doesnt sound good ebrown. I have had root rot in the past and it can be very hard to contain. It will usually spread downhill. Scott has information on root rot in his book. I definately would not replant that bed. There is a fungicide aliette that should help protect your remaining plants. I have been told by other growers not to dig the diseased roots because it can spread spores. I would remove the diseased tops away from your plantings and spray fungicides as soon as possible.There is also a fungicide in a granular called subdue or ridomil that is susposed to help on root rot.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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