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Post your experiences, questions and answers about growing wild-simulated ginseng
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TOPIC: Improving Survival Rate

Improving Survival Rate 5 years 3 months ago #40802

Hey guys, I thought it might be cool to have a thread where people could share tips on different tactics they use to improve the survival rate of their wild simulated ginseng. I just bought a little 4 acre parcel in southern Minnesota to try some wild-sim on, it doesn't have a ton of really old hardwoods, but has some pretty nice oaks and birches, among a few other kinds, we'll see how it works. The reason I wanted it is that I don't think it is a piece anyone would suspect ginseng to be on, as from the road it doesn't look very good. Bought 2 pounds of seed to do test plots and see how it looks in the spring.

Reading through past threads there are a lot of tips for controlling all the things that can harm our precious ginseng like moles, voles, disease, deer, turkeys. I will be subject to all of these challenges from mother nature with my piece. Tips from your experience would be awesome, I think disease, deer and turkeys are going to be my biggest challenges as this piece has a couple nice streams so the water supply is good for wildlife. Also I seen TNhunter suggests only planting 2 seeds per square foot as opposed to 4-5 to control disease, I might try that too. I also was planning on using the rake and scatter planting method, seems to be a good yet efficient way to go.

Also if someone from MN sees this post they could help me with this, do I need to add calcium? It is in the MN river valley and it is rich black soil.

If you spay fungicide on it, is it something you have to do regularly? Also does this take away from the wild characteristics? I want mine to be as wild as I can while still having the best survival rate I can, tough balance :)

Any help appreciated!

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Improving Survival Rate 5 years 2 months ago #40881

This forum board dead?

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Improving Survival Rate 5 years 6 days ago #40945

Man never realized planting sang was so much work...but I'm sure it's good for me and sure is fun. Got 2 pounds in the ground this year along with about 150 rootlets to get my first crop off and going, can't wait till spring cuz I've never yet seen a wild ginseng plant. In SW MN we just don't have much of it as it as so over hunted years ago. Cheers!

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Improving Survival Rate 5 years 5 days ago #40946

good luck.hope you get a good stand..

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Improving Survival Rate 5 years 23 hours ago #40947

Hey man. There is no substitute for observing ginseng in its natural habitat. If you want to learn a lot in a short time you must find some wild ginseng.

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Improving Survival Rate 5 years 10 hours ago #40948

That's what I'm really looking forward to, can't wait to see if start coming up, I'm planting it as natural and as wild as I can

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