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TOPIC: suprise in the woods

suprise in the woods 7 years 10 months ago #39190

There is a small woods where I live and we have been here for about 16 years. At some point after we moved here I bought a few ounces of ginseng seeds and scattered them around. I didn't keep track of where they went and never found any plants. Two years ago I got the itch to plant ginseng again and bought a few ounces and planted them in a 10'x20' patch. The following spring they had produced plenty of seedlings and I was hooked. Last fall I bought one pound of seeds and 50 rootlets. This spring I had TONS of seedlings but only one of the rootlets came up. That may have been operator error on the rootlets but I was really happy with the seedlings. This fall I bought another pound and planted them. I was thinking of getting some more seeds and was clearing off some limbs when I stumbled across this. (Not sure if the picture is going to show...) There are six four prong plants in there and many three prongs. One of the four prong plants looks like it has two stems. I was blown away and had no idea these were there. On the other side of that log is where I had planted last fall and never noticed what was right there.


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Re:suprise in the woods 7 years 10 months ago #39191

Welcome Matt800.
Really nice and love those large berry bunches. You have some nice seed to plant from them.
Good luck and thanks for the pics.

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Re:suprise in the woods 7 years 10 months ago #39212

nice find

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Re:suprise in the woods 7 years 10 months ago #39214

Nice mature looking plants and love those red berry pods.

No doubt you have a really good chance of success with your plantings in that area.

One possible down side is planting in large patches.. you could start up disease issues. I would keep the patches small and would plant no more than 2 seeds per sq ft.

I have seen first hand what happens when you plant large strips of woods with seeds 4-5 per sq ft. If you are not going to be out there spraying fungicides on a regular basis, very few of them will actually survive.

It could even take out your mature plants too.

So that is one caution I would give you, plant small patches and not too many seeds per sq ft.

Take it slow and see how it does.

I would also leave those big 4 prongs and plant those berries for several years - your absolute best seed supply right there.

Good Luck !


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