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TOPIC: Soil additives

Soil additives 7 years 8 months ago #38853

Hello everyone,

New to this forum, but in the past I've looked up many things as a guest. I think some of you guys out there could help answers some questions i have stored up haha! I appreciate everyone's input and I thank you ahead of time.

I'm located in Central Illinois

For the past few months I've been clearing my N/E 1/2 acre hillside. Soil tests came back normal / great 80% shade. nothing deficient nor sufficient. So I've been in the market for some all around fertilizer to get my grounds ready when the leaves start to turn coming up.

I have 20 40lb bags of pelletized gypsum.already

Now I'm looking for nitrogen.. I know bloodmeal is good, but its so dang EXPENSIVE! I can't find any stores to get it in large quantities.. and for the amount i need (roughly 250lbs or more) the shipping is crazy to get it online.. anyone know of a place?:)

I can get a 46-0-0 on ebay but this just seems like over kill and could damage my farm..

so i'm to the point where a good 12-10-10 mix or something a like would do well... which leads me to my next question

Liquid or solid?

Anyone have experience with liquid additives?

The plan is to add all the additives the same day i plant so i still have time to get this figured out.

Once again, thanks for any and all information, if i get a chance ill post a pic for yall!


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Re:Soil additives 7 years 8 months ago #38854

Welcome Greenboy.
I am not sure what your ratio's are pertaining PPA (Pounds Per Acre). When you ask the question pertaining to fertilizer I would say this.

If you were to talk to most experts that grow ginseng on a large scale in the woods most would tell you this.

Messing with the soil can sometimes cause more problems than letting it grow naturally.

Also the Calcium and Magnesium ratio should be 10 to 1. So if your Calcium level were 5,000 PPA then the magnesium would hopefully be 500 PPA.

Experts may tell you this 10 to 1 ratio is really important and not so much with the nitrogen as nitrogen can promote problems with disease etc.

Fellas on this forum have stated they have done test plots side py side where they added amendments in the woodland soil to increase the calcium and minerals.

However, when the ginseng was planted in a treated test plot it did worse than the test plot right beside it that was not treated.

Your best bet would be to talk to a true expert and there are some out their.

Just search on the internet \"Ginseng Farm\" and I am sure you will see a handful of references to click on. Give them a call and most of the time they will be happy to talk to you.

Good luck,

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Re:Soil additives 7 years 8 months ago #38855

welcome aboard,iam from east Central Illinois..

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Re:Soil additives 7 years 8 months ago #38859

I agree with latt, adding fertilizer will probably cause more harm than good. Gypsum should be fine, I have had good luck with that. Remember, the more you do to the soil, the more disease you will likely have.

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