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TOPIC: Warm Days and Cold Nights

Warm Days and Cold Nights 6 years 11 months ago #38144

Hello all,

I have noticed that within the last couple of weeks a good amount of my seed has begun rooting under the mulch. I assuming this has been brought on by the unseasonably warm temperatures so far this year reaching the mid to upper 60's a few days a week for the past three weeks. However, at night it has been hovering right around 32 degrees sometimes below. I looked at the weather today and we are in the way of an approaching cold front (I live in central Illinois) with a few nights of temperatures dipping into the low 20's. Will these low temperatures hurt by rooting seeds? I do not yet have any with foliage and they are merely sprouting under a few inches of mulch. Should I add more mulch as a safety precaution? I have attempted to research this via books and internet searches but have found no information. Any information you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Re:Warm Days and Cold Nights 6 years 11 months ago #38147

I would think they would be fine with no foilage. The ground temp under nature's mulch keeps a more steady temperature.

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Re:Warm Days and Cold Nights 6 years 11 months ago #38242

I would say you could see some loss, but I'd bet there has never been a study on it. Maybe someone could do one.

The reason I say there could be a loss is because in the fruit world it works like this...the more fruit buds are open, the greater chance of loss.... (see link below). I know seng isn't fruit, but I'd have to believe there might be some correlation.


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