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TOPIC: A Nice Surprise To Find

Re:A Nice Surprise To Find 8 years 5 months ago #37869

Sorry I took so long to respond.

Whitjr: All the cameras have a port for external power source so I just plug in an external battery that has a solar panel connected to it. All this is available on a popular auction site. I had all of the cameras that are on network sending videos to my email. However that is hard on battery usage as the solar don't get so much light at summer. I have since switched them all to take a burst of still pics to conserve power. Now that the leaves are off I could switch to video mode for the deer but I decided to leave them all on still pic mode. I will soon be moving out at the property with the seng and will have wifi all over the property via yagi antennas.

The fence is powered by a 12v fence charger powered by a car battery with a larger solar panel keeping it charged. It is in a clear area on the south edge of the woods for full sunlight.

Gareth: Thank you. I hope I harvest enough to cover expenses and get a little profit for the effort. Not like it's work anyway. Just a great excuse to be in the woods. I look at this as big boy toy money. Maybe get a side by side and/or other toys every few years. I realize there is no way (especially as weak as the dollar is these days) I can make a living at this. Even if I make nothing, I had fun trying.

I had doubts about the land and soil in general as I only knew of two wild seng plants growing in these woods. Since planting and spending more time in the woods I have found nearly two dozen harvest size wild plants and about the same amount of immature ones. What I planted as seed has done very good (only the ones from this site did good, while other seed sources where a letdown) and even 100 one year old rootlets from Minnesota came up nice and grew great all summer. Not very good at all with the three year old rootlets. Horrible actually. I had soil tests done and all of the woods is high in calcium but also a little high in pH. Time will tell, I suppose.

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