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Post your experiences, questions and answers about growing wild-simulated ginseng
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TOPIC: south slope

south slope 8 years 9 months ago #37128

My planting continues....the area I'm in I've known since childhood....was logged over about 20 yrs ago....the good thing I think they left most of the maple and left only 5 oak standing.I planted about 500 seeds today...the soil is loose and black...kinda rocky in spots....it gets shade from all directions...a lot of maple about 20 feet tall around the more mature ones.....moisture is real good...My question is for the more experienced ppl here...Is a south slope good?....my dad said he found it there yrs ago...but I've read that some hunters and growers think a south slope isnt ideal....comments appreciated.

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Re:south slope 8 years 9 months ago #37144

If the conditions are right, it will grow.

I've grown ginseng beside my porch in town in a full southern exposure with cinnamon ferns providing the required shade. The best patch of wild sim I have at the moment is on a south western slope.

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Re:south slope 8 years 9 months ago #37213

From how I understand it the further north you are the less the worry of a south slope. It is actually best in Maine if I remember reading from someone on this forum that lives up there, but don't get on here anymore.

As for myself, my whole woods is on a southwestern slope but sort of in a cove, which makes part of it actually facing northwest, and part of it due south. I had only noticed a few wild growing on this land before I planted and I just keep finding wild growing all over it now. So, myself, I wouldn't be so concerned with it if you are not in deep south. Ohio here.

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Re:south slope 8 years 9 months ago #37224

Wisconsin here...and thank you...the more answers I'm getting the more confident I am that I'm doing it right...all except the fridge with seeds...my next batch arrived...won't be putting in fridge.

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Re:south slope 8 years 9 months ago #37273

Like BC said if the conditions are good it will grow, When I first did test plots on my property the ones on my southern slope did the best, but I'm inclined to believe its because that spot is hard for the ravenous deer to find. Also steer clear of oak trees, another of my test plots was under some beautiful old sugar maples and I didn't see a huge red oak near by when I planted, During the winter a pack of deer/maybe a bear went through and plowed the ground up looking for acorns and that plot only had a few sprouts. The leaves are to tough on oak for the seng to come up through as well. But if its your first time spread the seed out a bit, find places you think are adequate and next year if those do good, load them up with more seed, A little bit every year till you get your own seed started.

One of my plots that did well was just inside the tree line off my blueberry fields, I planted what I had left on me on my way back to the house and to my surprise quite a few took off, You just never know :D

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