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TOPIC: soil tests?

soil tests? 8 years 8 months ago #35766


I'm looking for advice on which land would be best to invest significant resources in time, labor and dollars growing ginseng. If you had to make a choice, which property would you choose to plant ginseng? I've attached two soil samples. Hopefully, they show up. I'm not too savvy with the electronics. They are from properties that are for sale, they both have moist northeast slopes with the right sunlight ratio.

Sample E has a good calcium level, but is much lower in phosphate. I understand the importance of calcium, but my understanding is that phosphate relates to root health. Person's book mentions a study that phosphate below 5ppm or 10 pounds/acre can impact 1-2 year old plants. Sample E is above that, but not by much.

Sample M on the other hand has a high level of phosphate and a suitable level of calcium, although not as good as sample E. In case anybody is curious, the properties are in WI.

Thanks for any advice you may have,

Sorry, Looks like I'm not smart enough to upload a pdf. Here are the stats:

Sample E:
Organic Matter 5.1%
pH 6.5
Phosphorus 9 ppm
Potassium 120 ppm
Calcium 1730 ppm
Magnesium 163 ppm

Sample M:
Organic Matter 3.9%
pH 6.1
Phosphorus 100+ ppm
Potassium 127 ppm
Calcium 1275 ppm
Magnesium 126 ppm

Thanks again!

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Re:soil tests? 8 years 8 months ago #35768

Randy, I'm new here so my 2 cents isn't worth much. One thing I did when I turned in my soil samples I requested recommendations for ginseng. they came back for goldenseal.. I guess close enough according to the testing lab.

anyway if you are talking acres instead of beds. I wouldn't spend lots of money right off. I would plant likely spots in both properties for the next couple of fall seasons. Then check to see where the best plants grow, and make that area my
main focus. With the long time investment in ginseng, I think it wise to not put all the eggs in one basket. A few big trees could be blown down and years could be lost. Good Luck Al

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Re:soil tests? 8 years 8 months ago #35770

Hi Clawhammer,

Good advice, but I don't own these properties, so I can't really plant test plots. Each soil sample is from a different property and I'm debating which one to buy. Ginseng isn't the only reason I'm buying, but it is my first priority.


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