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Post your experiences, questions and answers about growing wild-simulated ginseng
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TOPIC: Buying land for growing wild-simulated ginseng

Buying land for growing wild-simulated ginseng 9 years 11 months ago #28126


Over the next year or so I'll be looking for some land to buy in WI for growing wild-simulated ginseng. I realize there is a lot of risk for the expense it takes to purchase land when it will be 10 years before you know you can sustain a crop there. Fortunately I'll also be looking for a good place to bowhunt while waiting for the plants to grow.

I'll be looking at indicator species and doing soil tests. But, what I haven't been able to figure out yet is, what region should I be concentrating on. I like the driftless region cause it's just plain pretty, and is centrally located between friends and family, but I haven't found any research on whether ginseng would grow better in that area, or further north where there are more maples and maybe more glacial deposits.

If there are any dealers, diggers or dealers that have been around the state and feel like there is a general region where ginseng grows better, or areas to stay away from, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations or advice. I am also looking at southeast MN as a possibility.

Thank you!

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Re:Buying land for growing wild-simulated ginseng 9 years 11 months ago #28127

I was somewhat concerned when I read the Title but after reading your post, I see that you plan other uses for the land other than growing Ginseng! If you were only buying the land to grow Ginseng, you realize that it could be a money losing investment but there is the chance it won't. However, as you stated and understand, it will take quite some time before you ever realize any gain on your investment and then possibly profit. Learn all you can, make a business and growing/propagation plan now and then a harvesting and selling plan before the any of the plants are harvestable. Hopefully, you will do well in your Ginseng growing venture and as well as enjoy some good hiunting while keeping an eye on your' crops.

I am not familiar with the type of terrain and soil that you have for choices but I would say that the more Northern location with Maples and Glacial deposits, would be ideal for Ginseng. Besides, Glacial deposits are well known for the Gold that they usually contain, if you ever decide to do some Gold Prospecting.

I am sure that there are some Members and Dealers that can give you some help with areas as well as tips on planting in Wisconsin.


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Re:Buying land for growing wild-simulated ginseng 9 years 11 months ago #28144

Welcome to the forum, RandyD!

One of, if not the biggest, the most well-known growers of commercial \"sang is located in WI. His name is HZU...

Here's the address: T6819 County Rd W, Wausau WI 54403 USA .

I am providing this bit of info so as to partially answer one of your Q's about viability of WI land to grow 'sang....

I don't know about MN, havn't heard of anyone growing there a'tall.

However, be glad to come and bowhunt with ya when you get your land! JK....

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