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TOPIC: A poll - - - How much seed have you planted ?

Re:A poll - - - How much seed have you planted ? 12 years 8 months ago #15064

Here's my efforts thus far...

1]Was going to plant last fall [2010] for the first time, however two unexpected deaths in the family postponed this until this late winter, like Feb.

2] Planted 5 lb.s, and 300 rootlets then.

3] Nothing so far this year, however, am putting in 5 lbs this weekend and 1 additional lb in two weeks. I'm also putting in another 300 rootlets in two weeks.

K_Duce ... I LOL when I read \"your addition's\"... however here's my responses anyway

4] where: If I told you , I'd have to kill you....

5] best time to see it: with me as you bought it.

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Re:A poll - - - How much seed have you planted ? 12 years 8 months ago #15075

#1- Been planting seed from wild plants dug in same area since 1986 then in 1987 I planted 5 lbs of stratisfied seed my first year planting stratified, most I ever planted was 14 lbs in 1 year, I ALWAYS plant at least 2-3 lbs a year while digging wild, then try to get back out in Oct. / Nov. to add more to the wild areas I hunt. This year I've planted 7 lbs of which about 1/2 came from this site sales. Based upon the receipts I have 141lbs planted in my lifetime ( I believe I'm missing some receipts though ) and well over 1000roots. My son planted a additional 5 lbs last year for his first year and a additional 3 lbs so far this year. I use a carpenters LONG ( 2' ) flat bar ( same tool I dig root with I like to get down close while I dig it) to rake a furrow in ground run a line of seed in furrow then back fill and kneel on back fill while I make the next furrow. I gotta say it helps. First year I dug 3-4 lbs dry now in a full year its easy to dig around 25lbs dried. Rhis year in 2 weeks dug almost 17 dried lbs.
Its spread amongest 5 counties throughout Indiana with closest being a 1/2 hour drive and longest is 3 hours. Really need to invest in 20-25 acres here soon I hope.
You can see it when I sell it if your the buyer.
Sorry I didn't go by #1-#2-#3-#4-#5 method used by everyone else. :>)

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Re:A poll - - - How much seed have you planted ? 12 years 8 months ago #15134

I just started this spring, I planted 1/2# and 200 rootlets
So far this fall I have 3# in the ground and 5# more to plant
So 8.5# total for this year. Hopefully the frost will hold off another couple weeks so that I can finish. I did plant the 3# in the last week.

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