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TOPIC: Growing Ginseng Under Oak Cover?

Growing Ginseng Under Oak Cover? 15 years 2 days ago #1158

  • lxvnrsw
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Why is growing ginseng under oak tress problematic? I live in Minnesota and own a large stand of oak trees that I would really like to plant some ginseng in. Is it even possible to grow ginseng under oaks? Also, how well does ginseng grow in rocky soil (because we live on a large moraine, our soil is extremely rocky. While it is high in rocks, it is also very high in minerals and nutrients and plants seem to grow well in it). Lastly, would it be better to plant ginseng in the spring or in the fall (I've seen sites saying that I can plant the seeds either time)? I'm very new to ginseng growing and am looking for any advice I can get. Thanks.

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Re:Growing Ginseng Under Oak Cover? 15 years 1 day ago #1162

The leaves on oaks break down too slowly and ginseng has trouble sprouting through. The soil may also tend to be too acidic.

My fingers get bleeding it's so rocky in some of the places I dig. What other plants are growing in the area?

Not sure about planting, I'm asuming you mean seeds you bought I they are statified you should be able to do either.

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Re:Growing Ginseng Under Oak Cover? 15 years 18 hours ago #1165

  • alex van orsow
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I don't know very much about plant identification, but there's a lot of buckthorn that we just cleared that used to grow under the oaks. Not many leaves collect there because of the wind and slope of the hill, but I'll be sure to have the soil checked for acidity. Are there any specific plants that I should look for this spring when plants start growing again (note that just yesterday we received 8 inches of snow here in Minnesota)? Also, are there any special methods that I need to implement if I buy stratified seeds now and plant them in the fall? Would it be better to plant the seeds in the spring to get a jump on the ginseng growing season?



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Re:Growing Ginseng Under Oak Cover? 14 years 11 months ago #1175

For me I look for ferns ,christmas,maidenhair, rattle snake or yer standard poly pods,they indicate the correct moisture levels and light needed. A steep hill that is wind blown does not sound ideal,and then add the oak trees and those conditions will probably be to dry. If there is no ferns look else where.
As for the spring or fall, personally the fall is better for seed needing one more winter to sprout, because they will sprout in the frozen ground so your really ahead. They also will have had the winter to settle in, spring planting is possible but you have to keep the seed cool for another winter and then some start sprouting.
If you are talking about planting green seed in the spring and waiting till the next spring for them to sprout you may lose some to the turkeys or rodent like critters.I have best luck planting sratified in the late fall just before the snow.


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