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TOPIC: Seed Bed Disaster - new plantings - some wild seng

Re:Seed Bed Disaster - new plantings - some wild seng 12 years 9 months ago #11701

Well, I lost quite a few 3YO's over this summer, and we've had plenty of rain here in KY. They just turned yellow and dropped. No real pattern to it, there are healthy plants around the shriveled up ones. Don't know...

I did get about 30 seed pods. Wow, on my way to commercial success, eh?

FWIW: we had a bad drought up here last year, pretty much had no rain for most of July and all of August. All of my 3 leafers had gone by the end of July. Quite a few came back this year, not 100% but the majority did. So this may not be a complete loss.

Fortunately, I don't seem to have lost any seeds to critters. I'm thick in deer and wild turkey (now there's some good eating), and haven't seen any loss that looks like it was animal induced.

Getting ready to plant seeds this fall, after a very disappointing planting last fall, when I saw maybe 10% germination. I made heavy use of the SeedStick, beginning to think that may be one reason why.

So I'm going to test out several planting methods in an area where I know they've grown good before. One patch with the seedstick, one rake and scatter, one heavy rake and scatter, one poke a 1\" hole, drop the seed in and cover it up, and anything else I can think of, have to see if I can get my ATV tiller onto the hillside. No point in wasting a few years to find the best method, going to try a bit of everything and see what happens next spring.

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Re:Seed Bed Disaster - new plantings - some wild seng 12 years 9 months ago #11711

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I havent went and looked at my babys in around a mounth I think I will go see how they are,i did plant from 1/2 to 1 inch deep useing nothing but a philliphead screwdriver to poke a whole with I didnt disturb anything around them more than a few leafs maybe.They did look great,but I am wondering now.I will let you all no how they are doing.They are my 1st hope their alright.


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