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TOPIC: question about doses, brands, etc...

question about doses, brands, etc... 11 years 11 months ago #19045

Hey, so i just started taking ginseng a few days ago. my dad used to take it for energy, and well being, and that's what i'm looking for now too. well i bought some korean ginseng from vitamin shoppe 1st, and it was absolute crap. all it did was make me tired. i wasn't gonna give up there though so i ordered a bunch of royal king panax ginseng online. they are the 6000mg's, standardized to 25 gineosides, whatever that means. it was a good deal, 6 boxes, 180 vials, for $40.00. maybe that means it's not high quality? anyway, i took a vial of it, and this was a lot more legit than vitamin shoppe. felt a calmness and slight burst of energy. i looked online though, and nowhere does it say that you should dose anywhere near 6,000 mg's of sang. honestly, i felt like i could have had another vial midway through the day, but that's be 12,000. on the box it does say 1 to 2 vials a day. so how much of this stuff should i be taking? also, what are the best brands of red panax? i'm surprised there's no discussion here or anywhere else about some brands being better than others. all i'm really interested in is the liquid/extract form. thanks.

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Re:question about doses, brands, etc... 11 years 10 months ago #19276


The reason we don't discuss brands here is most of us collect wild ginseng and/or grow wild simulated ginseng.

Below is the brand that I take myself...

You got to get out and walk the hills and hollows and look hard to find that brand :-)

I break off a few root hairs or slice off a piece of root and have just a little in my green tea or coffee 3-4 times a week or I will just eat it dry, or fresh and green in harvest season.

The main benefits I have noticed is no sickness (colds, flue, sinus, allergy, strep throat, etc) just never happens anymore.

You can shop around online (ebay) for example, and buy wild root. You might even be able to buy it from some dealers that buy/sell it.

Good Luck !


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Re:question about doses, brands, etc... 11 years 10 months ago #19674

Yep . i agree > I usually make tinctures and take when something ails me . golden seal tincture for Strep throat or cuts or bites that won't heal . Simply the best ... Ginseng with no Dr,bill and no waiting room time . :)

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