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TOPIC: wet yellowroot/dy yellowroot

wet yellowroot/dy yellowroot 13 years 9 months ago #4050

Hey, everyone. I;m not really up on yellowroot, probably dug it twice my whole life. But I was curious, I called a dealer today about price for yellowroot... He said $4.50 wet and $18.00 dry.
I thought it took 4 pounds wet to make a dry pound. Is that correct? if so, there would be no extra profit for selling it dry. 4.50X 4= 18.00.

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Re:wet yellowroot/dy yellowroot 13 years 9 months ago #4070

yeah pretty much no difference, and a little more work to dry. the 4 to 1 ratio is usualy about right but it could be different depending on what time of year it is and how big the roots are, and what kind of soil they are in. I've had big roots come from light soil and dry lighter than about the same size root from heavier soil where the environment is more moist. I notice this while drying lots from different areas throughout summer, and theres also other little variances that could come into play but yeah most generally 4:1. Good luck out there hope you don't get west nile disease. :)

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