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TOPIC: Growing help

Growing help 9 years 9 months ago #32453

Ok all you experts out there. I have flood ground that has a wide variety of trees from oak to maple to walnut. It floods once a year every year like clockwork. Morels grow there by the thousands. I am curious if I was to plant Goldenseal if it would grow? any experts out there? I know Ginseng wont grow there (trial and error of hunting it) but I am lead to believe Goldenseal likes wetter conditions than Sang. Anyone know?

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Re:Growing help 9 years 9 months ago #32469

I don't know that much about growing goldenseal...but I'm learning. I've grown it for years just to supply starts for folks who ask for them, but never for harvest root.

So let me tell you what happened to me the past couple weeks. We have been very dry here. I had some starts waiting on shipping in a tub under some shade. When I cut the older roots, I normally leave a sufficient amount of root and root hairs to support the plant the next spring when the bud comes up. However, I might have a piece an inch or so long and maybe 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick which didn't have buds. I've always planted them back as they eventually grow buds and tops and start a new plant. Well, as I said these were in a tub with a little peat on them to keep them from drying out.

Then it rained.

And it rained again.

Then it got cold and rained some more.

I poured as much water out of the tubs as I could but they are basically sitting in water logged peat for the past couple weeks.

They started sprouting tops. When I looked at the roots to see if some were rotting from too much water, I notice that most of the big chunks of roots which had no buds before are now sporting as many as half a dozen small buds.

So, based on this new observation, I'd be inclined to think that would work just fine.

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Re:Growing help 9 years 9 months ago #32471

ty Might have to try to plant some this spring to see if it takes

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Re:Growing help 9 years 4 days ago #36209

Most people think of gardens as a seasonal, yearly project, but it is actually less time consuming and more rewarding to keep the garden going year round. If one were to attempt to grow year round, indoor gardening techniques will be needed at least during winter to keep the garden producing. You will have herb fresh at all times, there is no worry of mass storage thru the winter and spring, it requires less space, and once established, requires only minimal attention every week to keep it producing at optimal levels.
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