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TOPIC: Who's growing; who's digging?

Who's growing; who's digging? 9 years 10 months ago #27316

I was wondering who is growing goldenseal, and who was going digging only?

I'm growing, have about 100 plants in, and am still figuring out how to keep the deer from eating them.

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Re:Who's growing; who's digging? 9 years 10 months ago #27319


I have been planting seeds from my patches for a few years. This past fall I started growing a little more by planting root stock. I think I put in 15 pounds or so. I decided to grow goldenseal in the beds I dug ginseng out of instead of replanting them with ginseng seeds.

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Re:Who's growing; who's digging? 9 years 10 months ago #27325


I'm not sure which plant you are referring to when you mention the deer problem and they probably are predators of both, but quite a few years ago when I grew peaches and apples commercially I had deer problems and since I was in the hairstyling business I was able to get a lot of hair that had been freshly cut to spread around the younger trees. Many sources recommended at that time to do this because it had human scent to it. I also used a professional one called \"Hinder\".
I don't know if you have looked at the Appalachian Outlaws website, but they have several 3 or 4 minute segments about different characters that are on the show. They are different and more personal. One of them shows the fellow \"Rufus\", walking over his farm and talking about taking care of the many things that he grows on his property. It shows him boiling and stirring a pan of egg whites. He then takes a handful of weeds and dips it into the mixture and slings it around the edges of his corn patch. He says that it helps control deer coming in and taking his crop. I'm sure you would need something that is a little more lasting and I can't think of anything any better than a 243caliber once in a while to go with the other things. Good luck with that problem.


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