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TOPIC: Goldenseal Seed

Re:Goldenseal Seed 8 years 11 months ago #36210

Thanks Lenno, I am doing pretty good with it. Thanks for the input on the 1 year olds.

I have some goldendeal plants growing in my hosta/mulch bed at our rental house. We were there on the 4th of July and the goldenseal berries were just starting to turn red but were mostly green. A fellow wiildgrown member asked if the berries were ripe in Ohio about 4 days ago and I said not yet. I feel bed because I checked my goldensel plants last nite at the rental house and dog gone they were all ripe. Poor guy took my advise on this forum and waited a couple days to long to harvest seed and the deer got them all before he could pick any. I cannot believe how fast they ripened up.

I am going to attempt to pick some berries today. I should be OK getting around in the woods. Just not to sure how I am going to climb the fence though. I have permission to go in this woods. It's a long walk to get to the woods from one way in and there is no fence on that side of the way in. So I am going to access it from the interstate and take my chances parking on the berm and climbing a the fence. I can see me now trying to explain myself to the state high way patrol as to why I am pulling off the interstate to climb a fence to access a huge woods that I have permission to be in but is just to far to walk into from the other side due to my hip.

I will most certainly still get a ticket if I get caught parking on the berm even if I am pulled way over.

Still I can't stand the thought of the deer getting to all these red ripe berries before I do. So I am going to give it a try today I hope. This ought to be good. lol

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Re:Goldenseal Seed 8 years 11 months ago #36219

Well, I see you are offline now Latt so too late to ask you to be extra careful climbing that fence. My prayers are with you and you should be fine with the Lord holding your hand! I wouldn't fear OHP. Most of them are darn good people and surely would understand your situation. Wouldn't surprise me if officer helps you over the fence!

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Re:Goldenseal Seed 8 years 11 months ago #36221

Thanks Jimsenger66,
Well my gal and i went today to harvest the berries. I made it over the fence with not to much trouble. I thought we would beat the deer to the seed but I was wrong. Only about 1 out of every 100 goldenseal plants had a nice big red berry. I thought I was right on time with it too. Last year I didn't go out until July 21st and it was obvious the deer had been on them last year but I still got about 20 % of the plants that had seed.

So being 10 days earlier this year was not as effective as I had planed on. I was so looking forward to sending you some seed. All in all I think I got about 10 red berries off a thousand big mature wild plants. Not too good at all. The deer really wipe em em out.

I was really counting on planting a bunch of seed on our new property and sending out a bunch this year. Guess I will have to get out earlier to check their progress next year. Apparently deer can wipe em out in a couple days. I could see their tracks everywhere.


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Re:Goldenseal Seed 8 years 9 months ago #36903

Does anyone know of any reputable seed suppliers? I'd like to purchase a few thousand as opposed to transplanting wild stock. I have about an acre of wild goldenseal on my land and would like to expand that. Thanks in advance.

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