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TOPIC: Organic trial for ginseng

Organic trial for ginseng 9 years 1 month ago #35179

So much talk lately about disease!!! And seems like it going to rain 8 of 7 days a week. I talked with a few growers big scale and small who use man made chemicals months back I was gong to go for it but I have went back to what I know and what has worked on my farm and my ginseng for the past 6 years.
So I have put together a list of all organic materials for you to take in consideration and I believe I have hit most or all problems that ginseng may incur in all seasons. Now keep in mine my woods grow ginseng is untouched period.no problems to date knock on wood..My shade bed ginseng is going to be all organic if I see an issue I may... Step in with some chemicals if....

Pre emergent- trichoderma $65 1-lb per acre / regalia fungicide $90
Early spring- garlic tea $5 / neem oil $12 / ivory bacterial soap $5 ( sticker for neem oil )
Late spring- garlic tea $5 / liqui-cop $13
Summer- neem oil $12 / serenade fungicide $17 / ivory soap $0
Fall- kocide $80 or liqui-cop $13 (I'm going cheaper even though I have kocide on hand ).

If I see issues. Can go back to serenade or regalia mixed with neem oil and there are Many different natural teas you can research for just about any disease out there for under $10. The main problem is we are creatures of habit we wait till problems happen before confronting them it the weather is right for a disease spray before it happens. And all of these listed are available is large amounts for bigger grow ops.

Now keep in mind for woods grow ginseng I will go this route if I ever cram seeds together most my plants have been thinned out so most all plants are not touching in the woods

Also another good fungi is a chemical called azoxystrobin toxin found n mushrooms they make fungicides with this in it I'll let who's interested research seems good but not good if your hill drains to a creek but in the fungicide it's % is lowered to be effective but not crazy strong. As with the trichoderma basically you have good bacteria that competes with the bad bacteria for the nutrients in the soil good wins so far in research in return puts good microbes back in the soil. Good Bacteria breaks down soil microbs etc..etc.. Good soil healthy plants

To be updated in a few years.... lol

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