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TOPIC: New to Ginseng, Please Help :)

New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20511

hello to all the wonderful ginseng hunters here. I am new to this and have been reading on this hobby as much as I can. I really want to learn about the hunting of wild ginseng and want to do it the right way so that I don't do anything wrong.

I am in Mississippi State, I called my local wild life department to check on the laws about it already. but was wondering where should I go to hunt for ginseng, if I don't own any land? I want to do this as a hobby with my son. I am 30 years old and my son is already 10 and I really want to do something like this with him.

Please any information or help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, with much love.

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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20526

Xena - My best advice is to just stop and ask permission. Explain to the landowner that you are wanting to get your son involved in this hobby just like you did in your post. Don't be afraid of rejection. not everyone will be willing to allow you on their property, but you may be surprised how many do.

Also I would recomend trying to find an
experienced seng hunter to show you the ropes if you've never hunted for it before. Some of the guys on this forum make finding ginseng look easy, but it is a very difficult to find little plant.

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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20527

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  • Billy Taylor from Bell County Ky
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Hello Xena and welcome to the forum

5prong gave good advise,also

Here is 2 channels that will help you the first one here is the video page of our friend here Tnhunter
He does a good job exsplaing hunting and many other aspects of wild ginseng information

Also here is a link to my website here you can watch videos and see many photos you can also
watch my videos directly on the youtub link as well here is bothe links these 2 youtub sites
will be of a help to you.



There are also many things heron this site to read about that can be very helpful

It is a blessing to see a mother want to do something like this with her son I commend you and ask the Lord to lead you and let you have many years of joy with your son and grandchildren.


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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20529

Hi Xena,

I also want to welcome you to the Wildgrown Forum! I agree with everything that 5prong and Billy stated! Also, the videos by tnhunter and Billy will really help you on your way to making this dream for you and your son come true. It is a wonderful way to introduce a child to the wonders of the wild, make some extra money if needed and also take home some medicinal herbs for your own use!

You will more than likely have to do some traveling which is also fun in itself! Ginseng is not known to range as far south as Mississippi because of the much warmer climate. However, that does not mean it can't be found in the extreme northern parts of the state where there are more hills and the climate is somewhat cooler. You might check this portion of the state at sometime during your hunts but you might want to concentrate on the hills of South Middle Tennessee northward and eastward through Northern Alabama, Northern Georgia, Extreme Western South Carolina and north northeast through the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge. Just be aware that Ginseng cannot be removed (dug and taken) from any National Parks, some State Parks, any Wilderness Areas of any National Forests and also cannot not be dug in any National Forests where it grows without first purchasing a Ginseng Harvesting Permit. Before you decide on a trip to try out Ginseng Hunting, learn everything about it that you can and have all the preparations done and ready before you go. Last, I would advise to invest in quality Snake Gaiters or Snake Boots for both you and your son as well as some extra clothing and some light weight energy bars, snacks, meals (MRE's) and water. Many areas where Ginseng grows are also known to have Rattlesnakes or Copperhead snakes or both and during the fall months, the weather can turn colder very quickly. I am not trying to scare you but just want you to be prepared and not get into a situation where your life and your son's life are put at risk of snake bite or hypothermia and also starvation and/or dehydration in case you get lost or injured and are not rescued or make it out of an area for several days.

Good luck, take care and as always be safe! If you ever need help, advice or information, don't hesitate to call on the members of the Forum.


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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20548

Thank you so very much to all of you that have given me so much wonderful advises and information. All of the information are very helpful. I will make sure I study more into hunting before I decide to take my boy into the wood. I am pretty sure it won't be any time soon. I want to be well educated on this before I go, hopefully I'll get to go next year.

I am getting so excited and very grateful that you guys have taken out the time to help me with all your wonderful tips and information.

Thanks so very much.

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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20588

Welcome to the forum- Doing stuff like this with your son is great!

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Re:New to Ginseng, Please Help :) 11 years 7 months ago #20610

Thank you for taking your son to learn what the land has to offer im taking andy my son bow hunting and then sain hunting sat morn. Nature has so much to offer

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