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TOPIC: google earth

google earth 12 years 8 months ago #13122

google earth is a free ,downloadable program that uses satellite technology to search and show any place in the world in 3-d graphic details,sometime even real photos . it allows you to search an area of land,or sea, and see the topographic lay out of the land,( peaks of mountains, ridge lines, ponds , trails etc...) this is google earth .com. it really helps alot, but please use this in a respectful manner, not to trespass , or rape the land, i always re emberce the land owners what i can, if there not specific about an amount of money or what not.

be respectful, alot of my friends work in partnership with the ky. fish and wildlife ass. and we do not like poachers,or trespassers.

so i say , always ask permission, dont be afraid to ask , and dont be mad if they say no. its there land , and thats the way it is. youll find it easier to hunt without constant fear of being busted on someones land.

as for where in elliot county cant say , its my honey hole. but i have access to over 8000 acres of land,that borders a national forest. and it is loaded. i mean llloooaaadddeeeeddd.pictures coming soon.

woodruss 67 d.o.a. ky

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Re:google earth 12 years 8 months ago #13163

We also use google earth. Great resource. I totally agree with the post. Respect the land and the land owner. We make contact each year and get new written permission from each place we hunt.

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Re:google earth 12 years 8 months ago #13441

its all starting to turn yellow now, i love that golden color but also ,in a way hate it. be safe for all that share the same compassion of carrying on this tradition ,as i do. i have 2 timber rattlers in the freezer already . so be sure to watch were u walk. and always look first before stepping over stuff,especially fallen trees.
and in these cold early fall mornings , they will be in those small sunny areas sunning.

stay safe ,and best of luck hunting. woodruss 67

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