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TOPIC: TNHunter 2018 Season

TNHunter 2018 Season 5 years 5 months ago #41753

It has been average cold here this week for middle TN... not bad but still winter.

My 7 day is showing 32/22 45/22 47/26 55/28 30/17 29/15 29/19 32/20

15 degrees is pretty cold for us.

Coldest I have seen in my lifetime for here in Middle TN was -17 degrees... that was around 84 best I remember.

I was in my early 20's and working for a Guy that owned a nice lake and property, doing mostly mowing, cleanup, brush clearing, etc (this was when I was going to college).
This guys name was Red Palmer, or Harold Palmer... he invented the tranquilizer gun and was a wealthy man. At this lake property he had a big pen with two African lions (male and female), and another pen with two hyena's.

He had had them there for 10+ years at that point... and about a week after that -17 degree night, both of the Lions died of pneumonia.
Their names were Daniel and Tracy. I guess African Lions just cant handle that much cold.

I have picture of me holding that big male lion by the tail... he was tranquilized of course :-)

They had had 3 cubs and at the two week mark we had to go in and take the cubs from the pen, where the adults were... and keep them in a separate pen by themselves. the Male lion would have killed them soon after that if we did not take them out.

We raised those 3 cubs by bottle... I fed them every day, and played with them to help keep them tame.
They eventually grew to about 100 lbs and one of the young males attempted to bight me on the back, sort of under my left arm. he got a tooth in my shirt and ripped it good and scratched my back some.

That was the last time I got in the pen with them :-)

There you go... my Lion story.

Ps... it was an awesome place to fish at that lake... and every morning about daylight, the lions and hyenas would start roaring and growling... You can hear lion roar around 6 miles distance wise. Just imagine what they sounded like right there on the lake bank while you were fishing. It was something else.


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