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TOPIC: Pill heads recovery lol

Pill heads recovery lol 8 years 6 months ago #37359

It was brought to my attention by a couple of my trusted neighbors. That a local pill head was bringing folks from the meth clinic he attends every morning to help him hunt sane .They had been in my area for the past week or so.My blood boiled cause I know where the revenue from this action is going,cant blame someone that is down on their luck and wants to give their family a good Christmas, as much as a pill head. I have known him all my life and at one time he was like a brother to me.I happened to catch him limping down the road yesterday evening so I gave him a ride.I have not seen him so straight in over 6 years. He has seen me carrying 3 pounds of seed to go plant before so he knew he had been betraying my trust. However in true pill head fashion he told on himself in a few min. He said that he had been hunting for two weeks and taking this one or that one with him and splitting with them.In two weeks they have collected 4 pound green.His limp was from a sprained ankle and he blamed me for digging all the sane in the area. Quote from him \"I have walked my A** off past two weeks\". If hes been hunting every day and splitting with someone he has made a total of $200 in two weeks.I don't think that can support his habit.If he keeps it up he should be dried out in a few more days .lol, So let him hunt I figure it beets him breaking into houses and stealing from neighbors. Besides Tops break off.

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