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Follow Harvest Stewardship and always comply with your State Ginseng Rules and Regulations when collecting wild ginseng roots.
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TOPIC: Looking to expand my hunting areas

Looking to expand my hunting areas 8 years 6 months ago #36372

in a undisclosed new Hampshire location I ask this.

I have several years of combined family experience in hunting wild ginseng in Vermont. now the factors for a correct habitat in Vermont is much easier if you can spot a maple tree from the scent... canopy or bark.

now I have had some family related issues that landed me in central NH until the season starts; my vermont spots have been gps'd and i have potentially 20 or so pounds of 10+ year old roots ready to be dug... in vermont. but while I am stuck here in NH i have a few related questions. first I should note a local myth. 17 known locations in NH is a falsehood. considering I have found 3 patches halfheartedly (nothing with any real value unfortunately)

these patches of few young plants had nothing to note surrounding them besides the typical Jacks and christmas ferns.

in VT maple trees are the golden goose to the golden root. What i am having difficulty in NH is finding hard wooded areas, and or anything but pine trees. few birch and ash here and there but nothing that dominates the woodlands. I know the soil is different in NH then VT. So i am wondering if I am just simply ignoring the companions here or if I am mixing them up.

any one with experience in NH digging I would gratefully share a location in VT for atleast 15 10+ year old plants in exchange for accurate information regarding my concern here in NH.

one sanger to another.

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Re:Looking to expand my hunting areas 8 years 6 months ago #36393

Interesting Vtwild! I always thought about it driving through, but never saw anything that made me say, \"wow!\". To many oaks. How about looking at google earth and trying to pinpoint likely spots. From there you can go and make quick determinations on site. 9x out of 10, that's what I do. Good luck this year!

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Re:Looking to expand my hunting areas 8 years 4 months ago #37703

There is a reason it doesnt look good there, it is endangered and thus totally illegal!. The fine is 1,100 per plant, i dig the best stuff in VT, know what you are doing before you go digging in random states, dont present yourself as an amature.

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