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Re:SPRING 9 years 3 months ago #34583


That is true especially if you want a fishing yak... if you were doing more sight seeing, and perhaps doing 2-3 day long run river trips camping and such, you might want a narrower kayak for more speed.

I have a 14' flat bottom boat, trailer... it has nice new bass pro seats on it, a trolling motor and battery, paddle and dip net...

I am going to sell it and buy another yak for my son Cole so we can yak fish together.

Will also add some goodies to our yak's.. rod holders, anchor trolley system, anchor... might even get me a fish finder at some point.

They have all kinds of nice accessories for fishing kayaks.

I have one more batch of creek fish in the freezer... so things are getting urgent here on the fish supply.

Hope this cold and snow is replaced by sunshine and warmer weather SOON !


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Re:SPRING 9 years 3 months ago #34584

Whats up Pa brother

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Re:SPRING 9 years 3 months ago #34588

Took me a little five mile grouse hunt yesterday some parts of my area have had from 12 inches to threefeet of snow in the last two weeks and it was 20plus below zero one night saw a few yam vines sticking up out of the snow, a couple of slippery elm trees thought man i wish it was spring hard to think about spring and be snowblind at the same time

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