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CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT 14 years 9 months ago #2743

  • skiddr
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I spent half a day yesterday, half a day Tuesday, and most all day last Friday in some good looking locations and have yet to find a plant.
Yes, I'm a newbie. I hunted with my uncle when I was a teenager, but with other things in life like chaseing girls, getting married, working and raising a family, I never hunted again. Now I'm 60, retired, and have a desire to spend time in the woods.
I have studied, read, printed pictures, looked at topo maps until my brain has had a meltdown.
Is it too late to find it in the Southeast Tenn area, ( Tenn river valley between Knoxville and Chattanooga )?
The pictures that you kind people post are a great help, however, It would help to put a soda can or something in the picture for a size aide. Also I would like to see landscape type photos of the type of terrain.
I am beginning to get frustrated, but not willing to give up.

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Re:CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT 14 years 9 months ago #2745

  • Billy
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  • Billy Taylor from Bell County Ky
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skiddr that area is only about 1 1/2 hours ride from me and I do not think that the seng there has all fallen already,but it will fall soon,I am still digging plentiful here in Middlesboro Ky area,but look for it to en within 3 weeks or so because of a sevear change in tepmeture the past 3 days,especialy over nite and early morning..

Always start looking on your north facing slopes of the mountians even in the foothills area`s....also look for moist ground and in the valleys of that area 1st,if the seng is good in that area then search the banks surrounding the holler for older bigger plants,also look for cohosh,golden seal,& blood root usaly these will be good signs that seng is possibly in the area.Also click the forum topic Hunting Wild Ginseng look under my post / Seng Season Open In Ky by Billy. look starting at page 1 it is a record of almost all this season digs from me and alot of photos etc also look under tomorrow posted by Cheiftian.

After reading your post I want you to know that I understand marriage,work,raising children etc.That being said I would be willing to go in the woods & help you learn some hands on in person,no farther than you are away from me at the start of next season,your season and my season opens at the same time so that would work out fine,also I am making a video of our hunting trips this year that I have recorded during maybe 15 20 hours of hunting,it will be edited to show the main & best stuff.I will send you a copy of the dvd if you would like that will help you alot in its self.

I had the blessing of a man about your age named Adam Cambel to take the time and learn me hands on how to ginseng and the importance of good stewardship and I have never been more thankful of learning any other thing Ive done,senging is a good thing.I will always try and return that gift to others when possible in good spirit.

e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Re:CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT, CAN'T FIND IT 14 years 9 months ago #2760

  • sanger
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keep lookin in well shaded areas and you'll eventually find a patch and when ya do you'll never forget it again, its like a drug very addictive. Youre story sounded alot like mine. But as for Tenn. i live in WV a little farther north and found 2 nice 3 prongs Saturday. While i was plantin about 1000 seeds. Good Luck!!

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