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Follow Harvest Stewardship and always comply with your State Ginseng Rules and Regulations when collecting wild ginseng roots.
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TNHUNTER 11 years 5 months ago #20134

Could you please call me in the next few days? I am a new senger around the Shelbyville area. I went hunting today up around MT Eagle, found 1 3prong and a couple of babies. Left all them all still growing. I have some pretty good places, but maybe not as good as I think! My cell is 615-542-9131 If I do not answer, please leave a voice mail. My phone is messing up when trying to pull up missed call numbers. Thanks a bunch...tnduxcaller

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Re:TNHUNTER 11 years 5 months ago #20142


Sorry tnduxcaller but I do hunt wild ginseng and love it... but I also grow wild-simulated ginseng and have hundreds of post here talking about that.

Once a man starts growing wild simulated ginseng - he just has to be very careful with who he meets and agrees to talk with (from online contacts) that could find out his real identity, which could easily be connected with where he lives and grows ginseng.

It's just something you have to be very careful about.

I get lots of contacts from my youtube video's, and offers to take me seng hunting, etc... that I simply have to refuse to be on the safe side.

It is a shame to have to be that way, but now days a man just never knows who he can really trust, and if you are growing wild simulated ginseng - it's better to be safe than sorry.

I do have a email address that you can find on my wildgrown profile - that can not be directly tied to my identity and you are welcome to use that to email me if you want.

Hope you understand !



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