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Follow Harvest Stewardship and always comply with your State Ginseng Rules and Regulations when collecting wild ginseng roots.
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TOPIC: How to collect wild ginseng in Ohio

How to collect wild ginseng in Ohio 16 years 4 months ago #17

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Hi everyone,

I found this article about collecting wild ginseng in state of Ohio that will help some of people in Ohio area.

A Profitable Hobby If You Know the Laws

American Ginseng, which is closely related to the Asian type, is one plant that consumers across the globe clamor for. Most of the Ginseng that's grown and collected in North America is exported to Asia. Ginseng is prized as being an herb that is healthful to the human body. It's credited with having anti-aging properties; increasing mental alertness; relieving the painful symptoms of arthritis; and relieving sexual impotency problems, just to name a few of its benefits. It's also been shown to help lower blood sugar levels in Diabetics. Ginseng is a perennial herb that grows in cool hardwood forests. If you're a resident of the state, and you're looking for a profitable hobby, you can learn how to collect wild Ginseng in the state of Ohio. One pound of wild Ginseng can fetch $250 to $400 on the markets.

Because wild Ginseng was collected and sold at astonishing rates in at least one time in history, the United States joined forces with some other countries in 1973. The \"Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora\" (CITES), was founded. CITES developed constraints on the international trading of the wild Ginseng that is grown on America soil.

For starters, wild Ginseng may only be collected from September 1 to December 31. Collectors are prohibited by law to sell wild green ginseng that has been collected from April 1 to August 31.

A mature wild Ginseng plant has at least four leaves and plenty of red berries on its top. Once you have found a plant that's ready to harvest, you'll need to dig up the dirt around the wild Ginseng plant. Dig up an area that measures about one foot around the diameter of the base. Carefully remove the soil without breaking the roots of the plant. Complete roots, without broken parts, fetch the highest prices.

How do you recognize Wild Ginseng roots? They are are dark tan. They are knotted in appearance, and they are often forked. Some people think the roots of wild Ginseng look like a human being, with shoots of the root resembling arms and legs.

Once you dig the entire root up, wipe the dirt off and let it set for a few days in a cool, dry place. Once the root has shriveled up, rinse it off with tap water. Finally, allow it to air dry.

To help replenish the natural supply of wild Ginseng, you must replant the seeds everytime you dig a plant up. The seeds are found in the red berries on the top of the plant. Simply open the berries up and then plant them about a foot apart, a half inch deep into loose soil.

Keep in mind that you must keep records of any wild Ginseng you collect in the state of Ohio. And, before you sell it, the Ginseng must be certified by an inspector from the Division of Wildlife.\"

Good luck with your ginseng hunting!

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RE: 15 years 5 months ago #1077

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