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TOPIC: plant identification

Re:plant identification 14 years 5 months ago #2691

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Re:plant identification 14 years 5 months ago #2695

cool ... ive hunted your area for turkey in the past ... let me know how ya do on the hens .... i found some awesome areas down there for morels while i turkey hunted there .... what are the regs on hunting ginseng in dannys forest ? dont want to get close to you to dig ... but believe i know some good areas northwest of you ... unless somebody has already dug it out ... i know people were going thru hard times while i was there .... no work .... and i wouldnt blame a guy that would do what he had to do to keep food on the table for his family so it all might be wiped out ... met some great people from down that way ... sucks that the gov wasnt doing all they could do to help the people out in that area ... i first hunted that area when i was 21 or so ... opened my eyes up to say the least .... hope things have picked up in the areas i hunted in ... or im sure plenty of people moved out ... but i will say this ... i would like to live in that area ... if there were ways to make a living ... its awesome country .... i was running around one eve trying to locate birds right before dark and almost ran right off of a cliff ... talk about making you slow your pace ... LMAO .... anyhow ... id appreciate any info ya could give me on the digging in your state ... a friend and myself are talking about going down that way (not in your area) next year ... maybe we could hook up and do some digging ... outside of your areas ... and then you head up here for some digging as well .... let me know what ya think

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