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TOPIC: Gps Help

Gps Help 12 years 7 months ago #10892

Hello Guys & Gals reddog here again getting about time to go hunt... this year i getting a gps Last year i got lost for a night and it sucked... so this year i getting a gps. Give me any feed back u have on gps u have are u have used in the past...the one that im looking at really hard id this one DeLorme PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator because i will stay out in the back country with a frind for about 2 weeks at a time come in rest go back out...so any info on gps will be great also u don't like the DeLorme gps to have the Spot Communicator u can buy the Spot thingy by it self...then u got to buy the service like a cell phone but this thing can go where a cell phone cant...

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Re:Gps Help 12 years 7 months ago #10894


No GPS expert by far - but I did use some of my ginseng profits from last season to buy me a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx.

I played around with it some this past winter and was impressed with the device.

I pulled down all of Middle TN on topo maps and have that loaded so now anywhere I am hunting I will have the lay of the land in my pocket for easy viewing. Can also mark spots (nice patch) and easily relocate it later on.

That is about all I plan to do with one, mark patches, or places where I am planting seng, and for topo map reference.

The Garmin looks like it will do all of that and more and has a realy nice compas built in.


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Re:Gps Help 12 years 7 months ago #10934

i think i going to go with the DeLorme with spot...this year i going to be in most remote area of Tennessee besides the Smokies... no cell phone no nothing other then a old coal road that hasnt been used (1940's) thing is i have seen so many Snakes this year (copper heads) i'm afraid of a Snake bite.. i got me some chaps last year but thats not 100% that u wont get bitin..i'll be so far out there if i was bitin by rattler or copperhead i wouldnt make it out on my own.. So it looks like i getting ready tp spend about 600 on a gps... Tn thanks for the info. now it's time to order that gps from www.thegpsstore.com

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