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TOPIC: Tennessee Ginseng Dealers list

Tennessee Ginseng Dealers list 11 months 2 weeks ago #42663


My wife is a country girl... she grew up eating home grown garden stuff and she loves and eats and helps me put up... all the stuff I grow.

She is not a fan of mushrooms (my son and I get all the morels) :-)

She is not a big fan of fish, but as long as she has some tartar sauce she she is OK with that. Sometimes in the spring, when I am bringing fish home a couple times a week, she says enough... got to freeze those. About once a week is her upper limit on fish. Man I could eat them much more myself.

She will eat Deer, loves Wild Turkey... not going to eat a squirrel (no way), looks to much like a rat to her :-)
My son and I eat them... and squirrel liver, and turkey liver is just as good as chicken livers... I love those.
I saved some liver from the deer I killed the other day, froze it, going to try some of that soon. I love beef (calf) liver especially with some scrambled eggs.

If you like liver... you would like squirrel brain... yep I have tried that too.. it has a very "livery" type taste to it.

Liver is the TRUE superfood.

I have seen my wife try frog legs and she did OK with those. I love those too. When I was a kid, we gigged frogs several times a summer, and ate a bunch of those legs. Dove and Quail area couple of other wild game that I really enjoy. My Dad was a big quail hunter, back in that day... we had bird dogs and all that. Man my mom could sure cook up some nice fried quail and I loved it.

I ate a jar of my deer stew a couple days ago, and it was really good. 19 more to go.


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Tennessee Ginseng Dealers list 11 months 2 weeks ago #42664

Good stuff TN, you had me laughing.

My wife is NOT a country girl and I'm still shocked that she moved from the over-crowded urbanization driven Pacific NW to where we're at now; 3 miles from blacktop at the end of a hollow. She does run but spends much of her time electronically entertained (TV and the internet).

She is English and eats fish on most Fridays, carried over from her childhood. She'll eat chicken occasionally but I don't think she eats much else meat wise. I don't want to beat her up anymore but she will not be happy when I start hunting.

Again, she followed behind me for 3000 miles in late December and moved into a house with NO water, spotty electricity and undependable heat, we froze our butts off the first winter here. lol

I've tried liver twice in my life (once by accident) and I can't eat it. I hope to try squirrel sometime, maybe one of the ones living in the attic of my shop, not sure about the brain though. I've heard squirrels referred to as rats with a bushy tail. lol

I've eaten frog legs once and they were ok, I'm sure my preparation of them wasn't the greatest. Gigging them at night was a blast though. A buddy took me out when I was stationed in OK. He was a big time country boy, picked me up at 11pm in his old blue pickup, case of Natural on the bench seat and drove us out into the middle of nowhere. Good times.

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Tennessee Ginseng Dealers list 11 months 2 weeks ago #42677

Hey all.. still in Cookeville TN visiting with my daughter. Sold my ginseng to the dealer up here Friday.. had 11 oz.. got 485.00. I am happy with that.


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Tennessee Ginseng Dealers list 11 months 2 weeks ago #42678

congrats TN..

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