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TOPIC: who has these roots?!

Re:who has these roots?! 10 years 7 months ago #25296

TNhunter wrote:

Seems a little crazy to me, but I have heard that different parts of the root are thought to be good for different health issues. The neck for one thing, the main trunk for another, the smaller branch and hair roots for something else...


TN... If you find out what each part is good for, please let me know. I have some parts of my' body that are in need of help!:ohmy: :P


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Re:who has these roots?! 10 years 7 months ago #25307

Hey Frank...

I have some old body parts that need HELP toooo...

Getting old is the hardest thing I have ever done :-)

Looking around online just now I found this article..


Which states this (below).

Ginsenosides consists in all part of Panax ginseng.
It was also found that the substance that accumulates in the parts of the ginseng, it is not the same. That is the root or body has total only 1.5%, while the roots are 3-4%, and head has up to 5-9%.


My favorite part to eat is the smaller roots, those fine feeder roots or small to medium branch roots. Next I like the main body of the root - when you slice it up thin, it is easy to chew, sort of melts in your mouth when eating dry fine slices.

My least favorite part is the neck (or I assume what they are calling the head above). It is a little on the tough side. That article says it has the highest level of ginsenosides (of the root parts).

I think the ginseng flower blossom actually has the highest level of gensenosides (of any part of the plant).

PS - below is what is in my eat dish right now. When I get to eating that larger body part I will take my knife and slice it up into thin slices or chips.



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Re:who has these roots?! 10 years 7 months ago #25526

looks like ginseng you would see in a china town herb shop doesnt need a age stem if its not exported . all bulb with nice color and plenty of rings way out of my price range . i sold some few years back for 1250 .00 a pound

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Re:who has these roots?! 10 years 7 months ago #25528

Hey TN what about serving size? It seems it would take a good bit to use it everyday.

I also wonder about all those tops we drop on the ground.

I was reading somewhere one the www that there were 500 grades!?

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Re:who has these roots?! 10 years 7 months ago #25557


On serving size.

Can only speak as to what I do.

I keep smaller roots (with 20+ age) and have found that 24 small roots will last me a full year.

In some weeks I may take a little every day, but other weeks may only take it on 3 of those days and may take a little more on those days. I don't really worry over how much, but I keep that little dish on my home office desk and have a little as I remember it. It usually works out to 2-3-4 days a week that I eat a little.

Starting off you could have a goal of 1 root a month, just break or slice it up into 30 pieces and eat a piece every day (if your goal is to take it daily).

Once you have been at it a while you could increase that on up to 2 roots per month and see how you do with that.

With anything you should take it easy at first and just see how it affects your body, how well you get along with it.

If you take too much ginseng, it will increase your blood pressure so you need to take it easy and see how that goes. I have found that it really does not take that much to do you good. I expect that if a man just kept back 12 small to medium roots and ate one a month thru the year, just a few small pieces or chips at a time that it would still do him a lot of good.

On the tops - we are not required to keep tops here in TN and I don't keep them myself. When I am hunting seng I do chew the sap out of the stalk when digging. I only swallow the juice and spit the chewed up stalk out.

I have tried saving some tops and making tea from them and drinking it. I have heard of others here that save tops, dry them, and process them in a blender and then make tea bags from that and use them that way.

To me - I just prefer the root, and I eat the root pieces dry in slices or chips, or I will add them to green tea, or coffee, and will eat the root pieces as I drink the tea/coffee.

Another good tea to make is from Ginger and Turmeric (read about these online, lots of good benefits to your body) - sort of like natures Tylenol/Advil, good for digestion, inflamation, joint pain, and you can add a few slices of ginseng to that tea and jaz it up a little. Be careful of the turmeric, it has some zing to it so you want to only use a little starting off. You can just go to youtube and search on ginger and turmeric and you will get lots of examples of how to make tea from those.

Best of Luck


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