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TOPIC: Hold out for a possible higher price, or sell now with prices dropping?

Re:Hold out for a possible higher price, or sell now with prices dropping? 12 years 1 month ago #15151

Always an interesting topic.

Some things I've learned about market traders in general are that both the Bulls and the Bears get fed but the Hogs usually go hungry in the end.

If I wait to sale only on the top or hold out to buy only on the bottom I become a spectator and not a player. I minimise both my risk and my potential for reward.

I must be willing to take positions at price points between these extremes. Let's think of the market like a face on a clock with the market bottom at 6 and the top at 12. If we are buying from 3 to 9 and selling from 9 to 3 chances are we will do better than average. The greater the risk the greater the reward factor would hopefully be.

If I stay active throughout the market and at all levels I may very well have a chance to be in a position to trade at a bottom or a top by the actions I have taken.

Remember there are still 56 shopping days remaining before Christmas giving us plenty of time to pop some more popcorn and enjoy this show unfold.

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