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TOPIC: Caught Me Some Poachers!

Re:Caught Me Some Poachers! 8 years 8 months ago #37268

I was going to say something but then I might be labeled a terrorist

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Re:Caught Me Some Poachers! 8 years 7 months ago #37564

LOL, Rootman!

I am glad that you caught these guys, jemsinger66! Pretty brave of you to confront armed poachers. I think I'd have done the same thing, tho. However, when I'm in the woods in my patches, am usually carrying -open carry- my .45.

Here in Watauga co! NC, there have been 4 felony convictions for poaching ginseng. Two on the same guy, within two weeks of the first conviction. Some people are either pretty stupid, or pretty desperate....

Have you considered involving the local lawmen on this incident?

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Re:Caught Me Some Poachers! 8 years 7 months ago #37592

Thanks Whitjr. I was actually unarmed myself so I just had to carry myself as if I was if fact carrying. Kind of picked that one up from Uncle Sam back when we was regularly on guard duty but never allowed to carry live ammo. Just had to act armed.

It would be pretty much a waste of time to involve law enforcement as it was just petty trespassing in all actuality. Had I not gotten there in time it may have been more, but the stuff I have planted is really worthless at this point anyway ,being so young and/or just transplanted field grown rootlets, so I doubt they would have taken but a couple and realized they were field grown transplants (or at least wondered why they looked so different then all the wild seng they ever dug). Also, I live so far away from the county seat that they never come to my area, except on calls, and it is a 40 minute drive. There are some \"cabins\" from out of town folks owning a few acres here and there and now and then they get broke into and I have been told by some that the police never even drive out to the scene, but tell them to come to the office and fill out a report.

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