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TOPIC: Seng Pic

Re:Seng Pic 8 years 3 months ago #37009

Perhaps you already know what I posted below. If so please let us know more about your plans. I am always eager to learn more. But here are my thoughts below:

1 million dollars worth would be awesome. That sure would take a lot of seed and a lot of spraying to get those kind of results. But if you want a high survival rate then this is the only way to go in my opinion. I have not grown this way yet and that is called Woods Grown or Woods Cultivated. Takes a lot of maintenance and spraying.

Now If you plant wild simulated like I do then here is what you will most likely get. Lets say you plant 100 lbs of seed which is a lot. That's 650,000 seeds. After 5 years your roots most likely will be small with little or no root neck. Too small to sell in my opinion in most cases. After 10 years the roots might possibly be ready to dig. If you are lucky you might have 10% of what you planted survive which would be 65,000 plants. Divide 65,000 plants by 250 roots to make a dry lb and that is 260 lbs of dry root. If you were lucky enough to get $1000 a lb per dry roots that would be $260,000 total.
So if you want to make a million dollars growing wild simulated, I would estimate you would have to plant 400 lbs of seed. That would cost you between $40,000 to $60,000.

I have planted a lot of wild simulated seed. I am not sure I will even get 10 % survival rate after year 10. Seems like mother nature and the deer takes it toll on them. I had spots where it was a sea of green with thousands upon thousands of 1 and 2 year old ginseng plants. Now after year 5 there are none, zero, zilch. Very disappointing. Now on the other hand i have spots where there seems to be a lot growing and I have big 4 prongs that are 5 years old. However the soil in the spot is the best I have ever seen in my area. Even though I have big plants everywhere, I bet the survival rate is still lower than 20% after 5 years.

Don't let my post discourage you. Would love to hear more about your plans.

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