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Post your experiences, questions and answers about growing wild-simulated ginseng
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Re:GROWING GINSENG INDOORS 8 years 5 months ago #34966

TnTrader hit the nail on the head. I have not heard of anyone trying to grow ginseng Aeroponically. I know hydroponic ginseng looks completely different than ginseng grown outdoors. Hydroponic ginseng root has virtually a all feeder hair like root system. I would be surprised if you could get $8 bucks a pound for them.

As far as growing ginseng indoors in a container, it is a novelty at best. Enjoy the plant indoors while it last. There is no value to growing ginseng indoors Aeroponically or hydroponically or in containers in my opinion.

Good luck and let us know if you have success with it.

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Re:GROWING GINSENG INDOORS 8 years 5 months ago #34968

Ok, InTrader, and Latt.

That information helps a lot.

Aeroponics the only difference is that the roots don't sit in the water, and or run down the roots.

With aeroponics my roots would be a little fatter than hydroponics. Now I am thinking that I can start them as aeroponic, when they get to a certain age, I am wondering now about transplanting them into pots for some time, or so. What I am guessing is with extra roots it could possibly grow something like peanuts.

By that I mean all the pictures I have seen of ginseng, the plant has 1 to 3 roots that seems to get fatter turning into rhizomes, so what I suspect, a plant that has more roots will grow into more rhizomes, and then plant them up on the mountain, and yes I have already figured on planting seeds up on the mountain. I figure up on the mountain I will be planting most of the seeds I get, and experiment with the rest.


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