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TOPIC: Growing in Indiana

Re:Growing in Indiana 11 years 11 months ago #18420

POC wrote:

I've read the laws over and over. They don't address my questions.

Thanks though.

Indiana Code - Section 14-31-3-6: \"Wild ginseng\" defined
As used in this chapter, \"wild ginseng\" means ginseng in or harvested from the ginseng's native habitat, whether the ginseng:
(1) occurs naturally from that habitat; or
(2) was introduced or increased in abundance by:
(A) sowing ginseng seed; or
(B ) transplanting ginseng plants from other areas.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.24.

That suggests wild sim is wild, and might also include some woodsgrown operations. I would contact your state agency and ask the question. They might consider woodsgrown completely different, and it might only take a classification difference of going from wild sim to \"cultivated\" to make what you are doing then legal. Might be as simple as transplanting root stock into raised beds ...

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