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TOPIC: Morel host trees

Re:Morel host trees 12 years 3 months ago #17009

Hey Folks..

It has been a busy week - Thank GOD it's Friday !

I made a trip to a nearby County this week (Dr. Checkup)... and they have some big elm trees over there.

Some were in a County Park and I actually pulled over, parked and looked around them for morels (yep got it bad).

Found none though...

I did see some red bud trees starting to bloom, just very early hints of red/pink on them, but others including some near my home have no sign of blooms at all yet.

One of my peach trees (Early Elberta best I remember) is just starting to show pink now too.

We had a good rain yesterday, and sunshine today.

I will have to get out some tomorrow and look around - may still be too early, but it's getting closer.

Think I will take a hike over to that poplar grove that I found that lil black morel in last year and look it over good.

Could get lucky !

Hope so.


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Re:Morel host trees 12 years 3 months ago #17012

Well - I went out early this morning, just after the sun was up good and looked hard for several hours.

Finally gave up and just got back home about 20 minutes ago.

Found no morels at all.

I looked around 100's of poplar and hickory trees and a few wild cherry trees, but nothing.

Where I am at sign wise - have some dandylion seeding now, a few redbuds are starting to show red/pink, but there is no may apple up yet.

I walked right thru where I know there is a big patch of may apple and none pushing up yet.

I have seen just a few spots of some kind of trillium that was up.

I also looked over several wild-simulated seng beds in one of my hollows and no 3 leafers showing up yet either.

Last year I found some up on 3/20 - just 10 days from now.

According to the morels.com soil temp map, my soil temp (south of Nashville) is supposed to be in the 55-60 range now.


I was sure hoping to find some this morning and looked real hard, but no luck.

Perhaps next weekend...


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Re:Morel host trees 12 years 3 months ago #17013

Nature sure is funny. I think it has an internal clock. Plants and animals know when to do their thing even when the conditions are right weather wise but early season wise. So even thou the conditions are right they wait on the season. So good luck next weekend. You should be good to go by then I bet. They probably will not be out in abundance as it will be the beginning of the season in TN.

There are some claiming to be finding some now in TN. But typically they are in \"Early\" spots that hunters check out each year. Probably on a south western slope with a rocky outcrop that holds heat or some type of micro climate.

For some reason there is typically a secrete \"early\" spot that many experienced mushroom hunters hunt annually.

But to get out an explore new areas for morels is still a week early for TN still IMHO.
Good luck and it sounds like you have some great spots to check next weekend,

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Re:Morel host trees 12 years 3 months ago #17014

I guided in the GSMNP today and I was in the Southern boundry of it.I saw Jack in the Pulpit, Red Buds, and a number of other plants up that I do not identify readily that looked like they have been up for 2-3 days. I live more toward the Northern end and none of these things are showing around my woods yet. I'll be back over there for the next two days and I'll check the ginseng that I planted to see if any of it has come up yet.

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Re:Morel host trees 12 years 3 months ago #17022

TN your not to far off I'd say in about 2 weeks you should be knee deep in them. If I were traveling this year that's when I'd be heading to TN. Check those road ways around Tulip Pops ,that black top gets hot quick (Right off Black Top in the gravel) you will find them there first (TRUST ME)!!!

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