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TOPIC: Looking for New York sangers

Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10107

Thanks, sengfever. I don't live in western NY, but that magazine sounds interesting and I am going to look into subscribing.

As for selling wild roots- I am lucky enough to live close to NYC, so I can venture down to Mott street and deal with the ginseng dealers, personally. I am assuming this is how I would get top dollar for any roots I happen to find come this fall, other than traveling to China of course. =D If my farming plans pan out, I am going to make that trip and see about setting something up. I have to get soil samples run and have my site evaluated for its ability to sustain wild ginseng by a professional before I start mass planting in the fall.

I am currently in the process of setting up an informational page on growing Ginseng in the Hudson Valley.
If anyone in the area is interested, please feel free to send me a private message, or whatever. Thanks!


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Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10183

If anyone would like to meet in Catskill, NY for some summer exploratory hiking, please contact me.

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Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10184

Sounds like you are ready to go big into ginseng farming. How many pounds are you planning on planting and on how much acreage if you do not mind me asking. Just be sure to not give any details out as far as location if you reply.

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Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10186


Hey! Yes, I do plan to start a small operation. You say don't mention location. I won't, but keep in mind that I do live in an area where it will be necessary to set up a video surveillance system to monitor my farm. Luckily, I have the means and knowledge to get that done on the cheap B).

Last fall, I only planted 2.5 ounces of seed but the result was very assuring. No germination percentage has been calculated just yet, but the seed planted in areas that had enough mulch (I skimped on leaf litter in some spots, blah) really performed well. This year, I plan on planting at least a few pounds of seed, as well as some rootlets, you know, so I have some mature plants to cherish next year :silly: .

We have tried a few different crops on our land, organic garlic grew very well but this was in the 80s and early 90s before the organic food craze took over. Thus, we had trouble selling it. I wish my grandfather/parents or even I had learned about American Ginseng sooner, but hey, better late than never ;)!

The area I have my test-bed in is about two acres in size. It has sugar maples, swamp maple, oak, ash, and tamarack trees.
I think that the top of the hill near the tamarack trees might be a little too dry for ginseng :dry:. However, I believe that if I mulch leaves on another part of my property each fall and cart them to this area for dispersal, the area will support ginseng with no problem.

Here are a few pictures I took in early spring. I cleared this whole area out myself over several years to build an ATV track. After all my friends sold their ATVs I kept it clear of brush. Now I think it is a great spot for seng! What do you all think :huh:?

Looking straight on, you see a \"dark, shady\" spot devoid of leaf growth, just to the left of that center willow.. This is the trail to my seng patch. The following picture is taken standing at the base of that Willow looking beyond.
I have an electric pool pump set up that is capable of delivering water from this pond to my seng patch.

Looking from the woods border back to the 2 acre space (beyond the rock wall). This was the last area I cleared and still have some logs down.

Again, but standing at rock wall looking at most of the 2 acre lot.

The lowest (and wettest) area of the 2 acre lot, but also one of the brightest.

Turning 90 degrees to the left, I took this shot- you can see the top of the hill where the 2 acre space ends. This is the driest spot, also because of the pines up there.

Finally, looking at my test bed (bad pic, but you can see the fence post there)

I believe we have another half to one acre of good ginseng land scattered about :woohoo:. I don't have pictures of these sites just yet, but will get some and post them up for opinions.

PS: Whenever you see an image from me, using \"right click > view image\" will always allow you to view the high resolution version.

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Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10187

I wish you the best. Looks like you may have some good spots there. Beautiful property by the way!

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Re:Looking for New York sangers 12 years 8 months ago #10190

Thank YOU, Latt.

With every \"looks like you have a good spot there\" I get, my motivation grows a little more. This is a big help for me.

Note the lichen and moss on both the rocks, and tree trunks.
Is the presence of this amount a good indicator of the correct microclimate?
The moss is not too dense (wet) but not completely absent (dry, high light).

I want to travel to Catskill and see some wild seng in its natural environment. I can then compare this microclimate pictured above with the one I find the natural, NY seng growing in. I can also check out and compare the soils. Still waiting on my sample to come back from the lab.

Again, if any seng hunter would like to take me around for some off-season exploratory hiking in Catskill, please let me know.

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